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About us

We are Dexon
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DEXON Technology

DEXON Technology PLC is a leading technology company providing non-destructive testing, in-line inspection, and asset integrity management services globally. Located on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, DEXON’s headquarters houses over 400 personnel in addition to extensive testing and research development, and engineering facilities. Inspection tools are developed onsite from initial inspection technique research all the way through to testing and implementation. 

In-house research development and engineering teams are responsible for tool development as well as offering customized tool modification for the inspection of challenging pipelines. Continuously pushing the limits of what is thought to be possible and innovating to meet client inspection needs and ensure the safe efficient operation of client assets. 

“We are Dexon


The Dexon Group operates a number of business entities in order to best serve our customer’s needs. Each entity serves a specific part of our overall market and complements our own operations and the products and services we provide.


Selecting Dexon for our turnaround inspection project was the right choice. Not only are they maintaining high-quality standards and commitment to customers but also provide reliable and detailed inspection reports. Dexon was able to reliably complete the work within a limited time-frame using coordination, speed and efficient communication with GLYCOL.

Dexon’s work on UBE’s turnaround inspection project did not disappoint. They provided high-quality basic NDT services at a reasonable price. One thing that stood out for me was their effective task allocation procedure which clearly divided scopes and duties. And their well-organized procedures and management ensured that all inspection processes went safely and smoothly.

BLCP sees continues innovations from Dexon, reducing our cost and subsequently our shutdowns.