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The Technologies

Dexon Pipeline Crack Detection And Sizing By In-line Inspection

Detection and sizing of cracking in pipelines is critical to assess the integrity and service life of equipment. Dexon’s ultrasonic in-line inspection makes use of high-resolution ultrasonic data and tip-diffraction absolute arrival time analytics to detect and size crack height to ± 1.0mm actual height with 90% confidence.

Dexon Crack Inspection- High Resolution Ultrasonic Matrix

As in-line inspection tools move to greater resolution and accuracy a differentiation between sampling becomes important. As a rule, the greater sampling points of a defect, the greater the accuracy in its measurement. In measuring axial defects the axial sampling rate is directly related to defect length measurements. The circumferential sampling rate is directly related to the through-wall height measurement of axial oriented cracking. While defect through-wall height is generally of greater concern than defect length, Dexon has chosen to focus on increasing circumferential sampling for axial defects.