Dexon Training Center

Dexon International Training Facilities have been established since 2009. Today the facilities include large and modern classrooms, a NDT training laboratory, rope access, wind energy training tower and pipeline training facilities. We continuously work on setting up new courses and trainings to meet the demands from the industry.

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IRATA Training
Rope Access Training allow you to safely conduct your work with very little implication to running process or other work being done in difficult areas. It is both time and cost saving as it is easy to set up and allows for quick access with a Dexon trained Rope Access technician. Rope Access Training certification can be used for a wide variation of businesses, and we are ready to tailor our training for your company requirements.Dexon Training Institute is IRATA (International Rope Access Training Association) approved and conduct rope access training at our new training facilities in Ban Chang. We have highly skilled and certified instructors and assessors to make sure you get the best training available.IRATA training pre-requisites
All levels
• Physically fit
• No medical contra-indication

• L 1 to L 2
Valid L 1 certificate
Minimum 1000 hours and 12 months of experience at L 1

• L 2 to L 3
Valid L 2 certificate
Minimum 1000 hours and 12 months of experience at L 2

Course duration
• Training : 5 days
• Assessment by independent IRATA assessor : 1 day

• Can be organized on request
• Lunches provided by the training company

The venue in Ban Chang offers
• indoor theory rooms
• dedicated first aid room
• ourdoor training tower
• up-to-date equipment