Dacon Inspection Services employs over 400 internationally certified inspection and rope access experts covering Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe and is perfectly positioned to offer large cost savings and efficiency improvements by integrating Repair, Inspection and Maintenance programs with multi skilled Rope Access specialists.

How Our Integrated Approach Saves You Time and Money
Through the use of multi skilled Rope Access technicians a majority of scaffolding can be eliminated, saving storage areas, bed space and long term rental cost. Combining inspection with repair and maintenance work (painting, sandblasting, repairs, replacements, etc.) can further offer savings through more effective use of available resources.

Dacon’s wide range of equipment and inspector capability offers an “all-inclusive approach” for all the Repair, Inspection and Maintenance needs of any operation from Refineries and Petrochemical plants through to offshore oil and gas platforms.

General Repair, Inspection and Maintenance Services

  • All Advanced and Conventional Inspection techniques
  • Provision of QC inspectors
  • Provision of API, NACE inspectors
  • Mechanical/Maintenance works with Rope Access
  • Helideck repair and refurbishment
  • Sand blasting and painting
  • Pipeline and other general modifications
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • All relevant NDT and Specialized NDT

The versatile experience of our organization makes us a one stop solution for all your Repair, Inspection and Maintenance needs.

contact us at [email protected] to have one of our Technical Experts contact you and answer any of your inspection related questions.