Dexon Inspection Services has established our Data Inspection Integrity Services division to offer inspection information management systems developed with over 20 years of experience in acquiring and compiling inspection data.

Our proprietary inspection database software provides a complete data management and analysis system with tailor made software for piping, pressure vessels, pipelines, aboveground storage tanks and all other oil and gas industry inspection requirements.

With full data storage and analysis our system helps clients in the oil and gas exploration and production, refinery, petrochemical and power plant businesses to optimize maintenance and inspection planning and increase asset reliability and integrity.

Benefits of Dexon’s Inspection Database Software

  1. All inspection data is integrated in one easy to manage system.
  2. Avoids data redundancy
  3. Easy to use and manage data and prevent data loss
  4. Simplifies decision making in business planning.
  5. Can be customized to customer requirements
  6. Saves time and costs in maintenance planning.
  7. Easy to search for and analyze information.
  8. Easy to generate reports

Dexon’s inspection database software analyses and evaluates inspection data based on international standards such as ASME, EN, API 653, API 570 and API 510. The information management systems are designed for:

  • Piping inspection databases
  • Pressure vessel inspection databases
  • Aboveground storage tank inspection databases
  • Pipeline inspection databases
  • Customized inspection databases