Dexon Technology Inspection Services employs over 80 API certified inspection experts covering Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe and is perfectly positioned to offer API 579 Fitness for Service.

Dexon’s Approach

API 579 is a quantitative engineering evaluation to determine if an in-service piece of equipment is safe and Reliable to operate at specific conditions during a determined time.

Fitness for Service is needed when:

  • An asset lacks original design information or it may have exceeded its useful life.
  • Assets manufactured before 1987, equipment operate at relatively low temperature – exposed to self-refrigeration
  • Decommissioned asset that may be used in a different service
  • Equipment operating in either high temperature and/or cyclic Service
  • Assets that have undergone any event that might have affected its serviceability like: temperature excursions, overloads, different feed/external environment or a fire.
  • Inspection findings revealed a condition that may impact the future operation of the asset, such as metal loss, distortion (misalignment, out of roundness, bulges or dents), laminations, cracking or blisters.

Dexon uses the diversity of its qualified, certified and multidiscipline workforce to deliver Fitness for Service programs across all assets and operations.

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