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Dexon Technology PLC inspection engineers inspect above ground oil tanks using a PAUT tank crawler providing detailed corrosion mapping with detailed CT scan inspection data.

PAUT Tank Crawlers: Revolutionizing the Inspection of Internal and External Wall Thickness Defects in Above ground Storage Tanks


Dexon Technology Inspection engineers are currently conducting PAUT tank crawler inspections in the Philippines. Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is an advanced non-destructive inspection method that utilizes Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT) sound waves to gather accurate wall thickness measurements in storage tanks. Providing highly detailed C-Scan inspection data. This article explores the benefits and capabilities of PAUT tank crawlers in detecting internal and external wall thickness defects, revolutionizing the inspection process in the oil and gas industry.

What is a PAUT Crawler?

A PAUT crawler is a remote-controlled inspection device specifically designed for scaling the walls of above-ground storage tanks. Equipped with powerful magnets, the crawler securely adheres to the tank’s internal or external surface, facilitating detailed direct wall thickness measurements. By employing PAUT sound waves, the crawler can precisely detect and assess both internal and external metal loss defects.

Inspection Capabilities:

PAUT tank crawlers offer numerous advantages over traditional manual inspection teams, resulting in improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety.

Reduced Inspection Team Size:

Compared to manual inspection teams that often require up to 5 personnel, a PAUT crawler inspection team typically consists of only two highly skilled engineers. This significant reduction in team size not only streamlines the inspection process but also reduces mobilization costs. Furthermore, the smaller team size allows for easy access to challenging or confined site locations, ensuring comprehensive inspection coverage.

Cost and Time Savings:

PAUT crawlers eliminate the need for scaffolding or complex rigging on-site, as they utilize magnets to scale the tank walls. This eliminates associated costs, reduces space requirements, and minimizes preparation time. The streamlined approach enables faster mobilization and demobilization, resulting in efficient inspections with minimal disruptions to normal operations.

Enhanced Safety:

PAUT crawlers enhance safety by minimizing human interaction with potentially hazardous environments. The remote-control capabilities of the crawler allow engineers to operate it from ground level eliminating the need for inspection personnel to work at height, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of personnel. Moreover, the elimination of work at height eliminates potential fall hazards, further improving overall safety during inspections.

Comprehensive Inspection Data:

PAUT tank crawlers provide comprehensive C-Scan corrosion mapping inspection data, including detailed measurements of both internal and external defects. By employing PAUT inspection technology, the crawler generates a visual representation of the tank wall thickness, enabling accurate defect assessment and corrosion mapping. This comprehensive data enhances fitness for service evaluations and remaining life assessments, ensuring the continued integrity of the tank.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) tank crawler corrosion mapping inspection data

Online Inspections:

One significant advantage of PAUT tank crawlers is the ability to perform inspections while the tank remains in operation. This eliminates the need to drain the tank, saving time, resources, and potential production losses. By conducting inspections during normal operation, maintenance planning can be optimized, leading to increased operational efficiency.


PAUT tank crawlers have revolutionized the inspection of wall thickness defects in oil and gas storage tanks. Dexon Technology’s deployment of PAUT crawlers in the Philippines showcases the advanced capabilities of this technology in enhancing inspection efficiency, reducing costs, and improving safety. By utilizing phased array ultrasonic sound waves and magnetic scaling, these crawlers provide accurate and comprehensive wall thickness measurements, facilitating proactive maintenance and ensuring the integrity of storage tank structures. As the industry embraces technological advancements, PAUT tank crawlers will play a vital role in optimizing inspection processes, enhancing safety, and maintaining reliable operations in the oil and gas and petrochemical sector.