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Dexon Technology provides a full range of Intelligent Pigging solutions for pipelines of any diameter and length. Our tools and technologies covers both liquid and gas product, carbon and stainless steels, plastic materials, and pipelines internally lined with HDPE, cement or CRA.

More Than 20 Years Of Inspection Experience

Guaranteed Inspection results you can trust, with the following international certifications, awards, and memberships

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Why is the success rate not 100%?
Many of the pipelines Dexon inspect are “unpiggable pipelines”, “non-standard pipelines” or pipelines that have never been inspected before. This increases the risk of not achieving a successful inspection on the first try. Dexon will however never give up until successful completion has been achieved.

Research, Development & Engineering

Dexon’s Research, Development and Engineering team specializes in the development of unique world first intelligent inline inspection solutions. Contact our RD&E team to discuss tailored solutions to secure your asset integrity and meet your unique inspection needs..

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Click below to read about past projects and real-world examples of unpiggable lines and the unique solutions developed to inspect them.

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Selecting Dexon for our turnaround inspection project was the right choice. Not only are they maintaining high-quality standards and commitment to customers but also provide reliable and detailed inspection reports. Dexon was able to reliably complete the work within a limited time-frame using coordination, speed and efficient communication with GLYCOL.

Dexon’s work on UBE’s turnaround inspection project did not disappoint. They provided high-quality basic NDT services at a reasonable price. One thing that stood out for me was their effective task allocation procedure which clearly divided scopes and duties. And their well-organized procedures and management ensured that all inspection processes went safely and smoothly.

BLCP Sees Continues Innovations from Dexon, reducing our cost and subsequently our shutdowns.