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API Certification

API Certification Courses

API 510, 570, 580 and 653

Dexon Training Institute provides professional exam preparation for API courses aimed at engineers and technicians. All courses are held by trainers with many years of experience and excellent tutoring skills. The courses will help your company keep a sound safety culture to meet the codes and standards expected from your customers. A certification examination will give you a high level of safety to make sure your equipment can sustain a long life of service.

API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection is one of the most popular certifications within the petrochemical industry as it is highly recommended practice for maintenance inspections. Following these codes isn’t just being a advised practice, but also a highly cost saving investment.

API 570 Piping Inspection is often taken in combination with the API 510 courses as they are very relevant to each other. API trained inspectors will help you remain control of your equipment for continuous processing and a high level of safety for both personnel and equipment.

API 580 Advanced Risk Based Inspection (RBI) has become an important instrument and preferred risk inspection method within the industry. API 580 certification allows the inspector to assess pressure vessels, piping and heat exchangers to develop prioritized inspection plans based on HSE and damage mechanisms (DM).

API 653 Tank Inspection provides the inspector with thorough knowledge on codes and standards to assess above ground storage tanks for service, repair, rating and alterations. The course was made by owners/users of the tanks to ensure a longer, safer service life for the equipment and is the expected industry standard today.

The program benefits employers and the industry as a whole by helping to:

  • improve management control of process unit operation, repair, rerating, alteration and maintenance

  • reduce the potential for inspection delays

  • provide a continued high level of safety through the use of highly specialized and experienced inspectors

  • keep your equipment within the codes and standards set by API, ASME and other acclaimed associations

API certificates are valid for a three-year term.