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Dexon International Training Facilities have been established since 2009. Today the facilities include large and modern classrooms, a NDT training laboratory, rope access, wind energy training tower and pipeline training facilities. We continuously work on setting up new courses and trainings to meet the demands from the industry.

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Radiographic Testing makes use of X-rays or gamma rays produced by a radioactive isotope. The basic principle of radiographic inspection is the same as that for medical radiography. Penetrating radiation is passed through a solid object, in this case a weld or a plate rather that part of the human body, onto a photographic film, resulting in an image of the object’s internal structure being deposited on the film. The amount of energy absorbed by the object depends on its thickness and density. A trained inspector can detected all discontinuities by viewing shape and variation in density of the processed film.

Dexon Training Institute will teach you the theoretical aspects of this method, and also provides demonstrations and practical hands-on laboratory time using ASME V, AWS D1.1 code and ASNT standards and practices (SNT-TC-1A).