Over 38 year experiences in Non Destructive Inspection Services

Dexon specializes in providing global Inspection Services to the Oil & GasPetrochemicalRefinery, Fabrication, and Mining Industries. With highly qualified inspectors in all disciplines and a focus on Advanced Inspection techniques, we are able to tailor inspection solutions to meet our clients’ needs no matter where the location or what the circumstances.

Integrity Services

Maintaining your assets in a fit-for-service condition is crucial in today’s competitive environment. The most efficient way to achieve a safe and reliable operation of your facilities and equipment is through an effective asset management program…

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Inspection Services (RMI)

The American Petroleum Institute (API) establishes standards that are used internationally within the oil and gas industry and are designed to help users improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations…

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Engineering industries often find that problems arise for which existing methods fail to provide the immediate answer. To solve these kinds of problem…

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Basic NDT Service

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is the branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in materials without causing damage. Flaws can affect the serviceability of the material or structure…

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