Engineering industries often find that problems arise for which existing methods fail to provide the immediate answer. To solve these kinds of problem, innovative thinking that can produce novel techniques and new equipment is often required. Dexon is constantly seeking out more effective processes in order to better serve your needs and has committed vast resources into the development of advanced NDT methods and procedures. We have many years’ worth of experience in being able to respond to the needs of the industry and quickly provide answers to the inspection challenges that arise.

Our specialized applications will help you to enhance inspection quality, simplify processes, speed up your inspection setups and realize easier interpretation. With our state of the art inspection technologies you will save overall maintenance costs, improve production quality and ensure reliable operating processes.

We can provide a full range of services in the field of advanced NDT through our network of global expertise, international experience and local delivery. All of our operators are qualified and certified and can perform inspections to any international code, standard or customer specification.