Dexon presents at the TSME-ICoME 2023

Dexon presents at the TSME-ICoME 2023

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18 December 2023

Dr. Kirkpong Kiatpanichagij (Dr. Kirk), R&D Director for Dexon Technology PLC Addresses Key Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Topics at the 13th ICoMe TSME Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Chiang Mai, Thailand – [12th-15th Dec 2023] 

The 13th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICoMe) organized by the Thai Society of Mechanical Engineers (TSME) recently took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This prestigious event served as a global platform for experts and professionals to convene and discuss cutting-edge developments in the field of mechanical engineering. The conference agenda encompassed a diverse range of topics, spanning from traditional mechanical engineering disciplines to the latest technological innovations. 

Dexon Technology PLC’s Dr. Kirkpong Kiatpanichagij, a leading Thai company specializing in the development of in-line inspection tools (ILIs) for the oil and gas industry spoke at the conference. Dr. Kirk’s presentation provided a deep dive into the crucial role of ILIs in maintaining the integrity of pipelines, emphasizing the utilization of non-destructive testing techniques (NDT) for accurate pipeline integrity assessment. 

In his presentation, Dr. Kirk covered various engineering fields integral to the design and construction of ILIs, including electronics, firmware, software, mechanical design, industrial engineering, machining, and reliability testing. The topics explored included threats to pipeline integrity such as metal loss and geometric deformations, as well as the use of non-destructive test techniques and intelligent pigging to detect and measure defects and deformations. 

 Dexon Technology PLC, showcased its expertise in designing and producing ILIs in Thailand. The presentation detailed the development of ILIs, introducing the different NDT techniques used, their specific use cases, and limitations. Dr. Kirk provided valuable insights into the knowledge and resources essential for developing ILIs, concluding with a discussion on ongoing research directions in the field. 

 Dr. Kirkpong Kiatpanichagij, Director of the Research and Development at Dexon Technology PLC Thailand, oversees the companies 1,200 m2 R&D facility including close to 100 personnel. Playing a pivotal role in leading the development of inline inspection tools, including ultra-sonic testing (UT), magnetics flux leakages (MFL) and caliper inspection devices. With a doctoral degree in mechatronics earned in 2009, Dr. Kirkpong brings a wealth of experience to his role. His journey includes a research role as a postdoctoral fellow in image analysis at the Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC), Canada, from 2009 to May 2012. Dr. Kirkpong joined Dexon Technology Public Company Limited in May 2012, contributing significantly to the advancement of ILIs and the field of inline inspection.