Dexon Technology Celebrates Participation in Super Dug 2024

Dexon Technology Celebrates Participation in Super Dug 2024

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27 May 2024

Fort Worth, Texas – May 24, 2024 – Dexon Technology USA Inc. is proud to announce the successful conclusion of Super Dug 2024. This year's event, held from May 15-17 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, was a remarkable experience and an excellent platform for Dexon to showcase our capabilities and connect with industry leaders.

Super Dug, known for its focus on energy production in the U.S. shale plays, including the Permian, Eagle Ford, Midcontinent, Bakken, and the Rockies, has once again proven to be a vital gathering for the energy sector. The 2024 event saw an impressive turnout, with over 2,000 industry professionals, 130 exhibitors, and more than 10 hours of networking activities.

Dexon's Debut at Super Dug

This year marked the first time Dexon Technology participating in Super Dug. Representing Dexon at the conference were Ms. Laila Stuvik, General Manager of Dexon USA, and Mr. Israel Soliz, head of Dexon’s North American sales team.

Laila Stuvik, who leads Dexon's North American expansion plan, expressed her excitement about Dexon's involvement in Super Dug. "Participating in Super Dug 2024 has been a fantastic opportunity for Dexon. It's allowed us to showcase our innovative technologies and connect with key players in the industry. We're thrilled to have made our debut at such a well-regarded event," said Laila.

Israel Soliz, bringing his wealth of experience in pipeline inspection, played a crucial role in engaging with potential clients and partners. "Super Dug has provided a unique platform to discuss the latest trends and technologies in energy production. It's been an invaluable experience meeting so many industry professionals and sharing Dexon's vision for the future," Soliz remarked.

Highlights of Super Dug 2024

Super Dug 2024 was packed with insightful sessions, exhibits, and networking opportunities. The event's focus on the U.S. shale plays provided a comprehensive view of the current landscape and future trends in energy production. Highlights included:

  • Keynote Address by Karl Rove: Former Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush and iconic political strategist Karl Rove delivered an inspiring keynote address, providing unique insights into the political and economic factors influencing the energy sector.

  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: With over 10 hours dedicated to networking, attendees had ample opportunities to connect with key decision-makers from public and private producers, midstream operators, and leading service and technology providers.

  • Innovative Exhibits: The exhibition floor featured over 130 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies and solutions in energy production. Dexon Technology was proud to be among the exhibitors, presenting our cutting-edge pipeline inspection technologies and solutions.

  • Educational Sessions: Attendees benefited from numerous sessions covering a wide range of topics, from advancements in drilling and production techniques to sustainability practices and regulatory updates.

Dexon's Commitment to Innovation

Dexon's participation in Super Dug 2024 underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the energy sector. As we continue to expand our presence in North America, events like Super Dug are crucial for staying connected with industry trends and forging new partnerships.

"Our goal is to lead the way in providing advanced solutions for the energy industry," said Stuvik. "Super Dug has given us a platform to demonstrate our capabilities and discuss how we can contribute to the industry's growth and sustainability."

Looking Ahead

Dexon Technology would like to extend its gratitude to the organizers of Super Dug and all the attendees who made the event a success. We look forward to participating in future editions and continuing to contribute to the advancement of the energy sector.

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