Dexon Technology USA Inc. shines at the 2023 PRCI Technology Development Center Open House

Dexon Technology USA Inc. shines at the 2023 PRCI Technology Development Center Open House

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17 October 2023

Houston, Texas – October 5, 2023 – Dexon Technology USA Inc. exhibits at the 2023 Technology Development Center open house hosted by the PRCI – Pipeline Research Council International in Houston Texas. The event proves to be a significant occasion for oil and gas industry professionals from across North America. Laila Stuvik, General Manager of Dexon Technology USA Inc., led the Dexon team at this year’s event, showcasing four state-of-the-art ILI systems designed to enhance pipeline safety and integrity. The PRCI Technology Development Center (TDC) Open House serves as a platform for industry experts to explore cutting-edge technologies that bolster pipeline safety and efficiency. 

The PRCI and TDC 

The PRCI is an organization dedicated to advancing the research and development of technologies that improve the safety and integrity of pipelines globally. Brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to address challenges and find solutions to ensure safe energy transportation.  

The Technology Development Center (TDC) is a hub for the PRCI’s research and development efforts. Equipped with a world-renowned sample inventory and pipeline inspection testing facilities. The TDC aims to support the pipeline industry by providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and testing facilities including fully customizable pipeline inspection verification test pipelines. 

The TDC Open House 

This year’s TDC Open House welcomed more than 30 companies and over 200 attendees from the oil and gas asset integrity management industry from across the North America. Laila Stuvik expressed her enthusiasm for the event, saying, “Attending this year’s PRCI open house has been an excellent opportunity to not only showcase the latest additions to Dexon’s in-line inspection fleet but also meet with industry experts and pipeline operators and gain insight on the issues facing operators.” 

Dexon’s History 

Dexon Technology USA Inc. brings over 30 years of non-destructive testing and in-line inspection (ILI) experience to the North American pipeline inspection market. Dexon’s US office joins Dexon Technology Europe in the Netherlands and Dexon Technology Pte., Ltd. in Singapore as the company’s 3rd regional office, after its headquarters in Rayong, Thailand.  The company’s headquarters, Dexon Technology PLC, which employs close to 500 staff globally, houses an 80+ personnel, 1,228 square meters (13,200 square feet) Research and Development (R&D) facility. Which has been responsible for the in-house development and research of Dexon’s entire ILI fleet since the early 90s. Dexon’s headquarters also features a 6-acre onsite inspection verification test yard, similar to that featured at the PRCI’s TDC in Houston. The facility includes: 

  • Multiple 260-meter infinity test loops in varying sizes from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. 

  • Pump-through and pull-through test lines ranging from 8 to 44 inches in diameter. 

  • Client pipeline replication and testing facilities, allowing inspection engineers to replicate the exact conditions and configuration from client pipelines for inspection data verification and testing. 

The Dexon Booth 

At the 2023 PRCI TDC Open House, Dexon impressed attendees with the display of four ILI systems, consisting of three metal loss tools and one crack detection and sizing tool: 

  • 6-8″ UT-MC ILI: This multi-diameter ILI is an ultrasonic multi-channel device designed for measuring metal loss capable of transitioning from 6” to 8”. 

  • 3″ UT-MC ILI: This small diameter multi-channel ILI system offers long length inspection in 3” pipelines. 

  • 10″ UT-MC Octopus: A versatile 10” ultrasonic multi-channel ILI system offering high–resolution inspection in heavy crude oil.  

  • 8″ UT-CS Crack Detection and Sizing ILI System: The UT-CS was released last year in late 2022 and offers crack detection and sizing capabilities down to 1mm in through wall height.  

Dexon Technology USA Inc.’s commitment to advancing pipeline safety and integrity through cutting-edge ILI technologies has made it a noteworthy addition to the PRCI community. The company’s strong presence at the TDC Open House demonstrates its dedication to improving the industry through innovation and collaboration.