Dexon USA Inc. exhibits at the 2024 PPIM in Houston Texas

Dexon USA Inc. exhibits at the 2024 PPIM in Houston Texas

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12 February 2024

Dexon Technology USA Inc., a leader in intelligent pigging and pipeline integrity solutions, is excited to announce its participation at the 36th annual Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference, taking place from February 12th to 16th, 2024, in Houston, Texas. Attendees can visit Dexon at booth 744 to learn about the company's cutting-edge technologies and commitment to helping pipeline operators achieve safer, more efficient, and cost-effective pipeline operations. 

A New Force in North American Pipeline Integrity Solutions 

Launched in May 2023, Dexon Technology USA Inc. brings Dexon's proven track record of innovation and expertise to the US and Canadian markets. The company leverages its advanced intelligent pigging technologies to provide pipeline operators with comprehensive integrity solutions designed to: 

  • Identify and manage corrosion & cracks with precision and accuracy. 

  • Optimize maintenance through data-driven insights for reduced downtime. 

Cutting-Edge Inspection Technology 

Visit us at booth 744, where Dexon will showcase its industry-leading intelligent pigging technologies, including: 

  • UT-CS Hawk Crack Detection and Sizing ILI System: Dexon's UT-CS Hawk crack detection and sizing ILI system offers unparalleled capabilities, including 1mm x 1mm sampling resolution and a probability of detection (POD) of ±0.7mm at 80% certainty. 

  • UT-MC Metal Loss ILI System: Dexon's UT-MC Metal Loss ILI system delivers precise direct wall thickness measurements (up to ±0.3 mm accuracy) even in challenging conditions like heavy crude, enabling optimized inspection and maintenance planning. 

Joining the Conversation on Pipeline Integrity 

Dexon's team of experts will be available throughout the conference to discuss attendees' specific pipeline integrity challenges and demonstrate how Dexon's solutions can help them achieve their goals. 

Dexon Technology USA Inc.: Your Partner for Pipeline Integrity