On-site In-line Inspection Data Verification and Customised Pigability Testing

On-site In-line Inspection Data Verification and Customised Pigability Testing

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27 February 2024

Dexon’s headquarters features a combined 7-acre in-line inspection test yard facility allowing for inspection data verification, client pipeline replication for “unpiggable” or challenging pipeline inspection verification, third-party factory assurance testing and hands-on inspection engineer training. The facility allows for full-scale mock-up testing and is completely self-sufficient featuring underground storage and collection tanks, aboveground water storage tanks and pumping stations. The yard is split into 3 sections and includes a range of inline inspection test loops and lines in a range of sizes for specific testing applications.  

Dexon’s Defect Sample Library  

Dexon’s defect sample pipe spool library includes a range of sample pipe spools containing both man-made and natural defects, used for inspection data verification and testing.  Testing is performed to provide highly accurate and precise Probability of Detection (POD), Probability of Identification (POI), and Probability of Sizing (POS) figures. As many factors contribute to these figures including transducer sampling rates, transducer frequency, tool run speed and pipeline medium individual testing of each tool is performed using run-specific calibration figures and tool set-up. 

The facility includes a variety of test lines in varying sizes including u-loop pump through ILI test lines, straight pump through lines, infinity loop test lines and pull-through lines. 

ILI Test Yard Services 

Dexon’s Department of Pipeline Services (DPS)

  • Inspection Data Verification:

    The detection and sizing of artificial and natural defects for the precise calculation of Probability of Detection (POD), Probability of Identification (POI), and Probability of Sizing (POS) figures.

  • Client Pipeline Replication:

    Replication of client pipeline configurations for “unpiggable” or challenging pipeline inspection verifications requiring customised tool development or modification.

  • Third-Party Factory Assurance Testing:

    Third-party validation of inspection verification and tool performance specifications.

  • Hands-on Inspection Engineer Training:

    Routine ASNT ILI PQ qualification and Dexon in-line inspection training programs, testing and training of individual inspection-specific pigging procedures.

Services Offered Under Dexon’s Unpiggable Pipeline Program 

  • Client pipeline configuration replication and testing 

  • Tool design, modification, prototyping and fabrication to pass challenging pipeline configurations 

  • Inspection solution collaboration to solve client-specific inspection requirements 

  • Client sample pipe spool inspection verification and testing 

Examples of Individual Client Pipeline Inspection Testing 

Due to Dexon’s extensive R&D, tool production and testing facilities, Dexon routinely handles “unpiggable” or challenging pipeline inspections. Below are a list of example testing scenarios requiring customised testing parameters and test line modification and replication.  

Example Client Pipeline Replication Testing 

  • 44” back-to-back bends 

  • 16” wye testing 

  • 6”-8”, 10-12” multiple diameters 

  • Hand-held vertical launch and data verification 

  • 52” mitre bend 

  • 8” oversize tee