Dexon’s Ultrasonic Rotary (UT-R) in-line inspection Pipeline Integrity Gauges (PIGs) use a rotating reflector to redirect ultrasonic inspection around the pipe circumference. The mechanical rotation offers flexible inspection sampling rates of 1.0mm. UT-R is recommended for pipelines of up to 10 km with a maximum tool speed of 5m/min. UT-R PIGs can detect wall thickness with a measurement accuracy to ±0.3mm. A list of key advantages, usage, detection capabilities, and specification can be seen below. Contact a Dexon Technology expert today for more information concerning Dexon’s in-line inspection services.

Single body small diameter ultrasonic pipeline integrity gauge with rotating mirror

Key Advantages

  • High-resolution sampling
  • Suitable for all pipeline materials
  • Quick mobilization and turnaround times
  • Inspection and reporting per POF 2016 recommendations
  • Ability to launch in difficult to access areas
  • Immediate onsite preliminary data verification
  • Ability to pass 1.5D bends, PLEM’s, flexible risers, and turrets
  • Tool customization available for challenging and difficult (unpiggable) pipelines or projects

Usage, Detection Capabilities and Tool Specifications

  • Inspection length: *up to 10 kms
  • Standard inspection time: 100 hours (*Customized solutions available)
  • Maximum tool speed: 10 m/min (*Customized solutions available)
  • Maximum pressure: 60 bar (*Customized solutions available)
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 65°C (*Customized solutions available)
  • Minimum wall thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Accuracy of measurement: ± 0.3 mm
  • Tool sizes available: 3” and greater
  • On and offshore, subsea, and above ground pipelines
  • Oil and gas exploration and production, refineries, petrochemical, mining, and heavy industry
  • Detectable anomalies: I.D./O.D. metal loss, cracks, deformation, lamination, corrosion, and pitting
  • Raw A-Scan data recording of all measurements
  • Automated data analysis and defect detection
  • Launching medium: liquid/gas (batching)
Single body ultrasonic pipeline integrity gauge with rotating mirror
Multiple body ultrasonic pipeline integrity gauge with rotating mirror