Governance Commitment

Governance Commitment

Legal Practices

Transparent Accounting Method

Bribery & Corruption Policies & Oversight

Business Ethics

Whistleblower Policy & Reporting Channel

  • Consider a framework to work in accordance with “Good Corporate Governance Principles” and “Dexon – Code of Conduct”

  • Conduct a survey to assess compliance “Good Corporate Governance Principles” every 6 months, along with reporting the results obtained. with reference to the criteria for from “Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)”

  • Revise Anti-corruption Policy as well as establish Whistleblower Policy & reporting channel.

Good Corporate Governance Principles

  • Recognize your role and responsibilities as a leader who creates value for the enterprise.

  • Define objectives, main goals of the business that are sustainable.

  • Strengthen effective committees

  • Recruitment and development of senior executives and personnel service

  • Foster innovation and conducting business responsibly

  • Ensure that there is an appropriate risk management and internal control system.

  • Maintain financial credibility and disclosure

  • Encourage participation and communication with shareholders.